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Mizbe-so Association is a professional team exploring and creating attractive scenes on the water, by the water and the other public realms to contribute to quality of life, especially focus on such places in City of Yokohama; one of the oldest historic port cities in Japan.

Yokohama Canal SUP Tours


◎Date|Weekdays and Holidays
◎Timeline|10:00-11:30  (Gathering at 9:30)
13:30-15:00  (Gathering at 13:00)

◎Gathering Spot|Mizube-so

◎Participation fee|AM¥4,000-/PM¥4,500- (without board rental service → ¥1,000-off)
– Including charge for use of board and locker room, accident insurance and tax
– Children :  limited to over 10 years old, who can swim and accompanying their parent

* rental charge for wet suit(for winter season) ¥1,000-
* Please pay the charge on the same day by cash.
* If you need receipt, please ask us when you make reservation.
*If you want to go medium range tour (more than 6km), please contact us for e-mail.

◎Please Prepare|
 ・Hat and something to drink to prevent heat attack in summer season.
・Cold weather gear. Rental service for wet suits is available.
・Rain gear
・Protection from ultraviolet rays
・Eye glasses band to prevent from dropping into the water
・Extra clothes in case of dropping into the water
・Plastic bottle holders and marine shoes are available for free.
・We do not recommend to wear jeans during the tour. Swimming wear or half pants and T-shirt is suitable.
・Locker room is available, but we do not have shower room.

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・Hangover or poor sleep will induce symptom of dehydration and heat attack. 
・If you cancel, please tell us before the tour day.
・Cancellation because of wild weather is possible. In that case we will notice by e-mail and facebook page.
・Please tell us if you don’t like to be taken pictures. Pictures will show on the facebook page.

⇨Booking and Contact:  e-mail   mizubebook@gmail.com

⇩Sorry Booking form underconstruction

Japanese TEA ceremony on the SUP


The cherry blossom or “sakura” is the national flower of Japan. As the cold winter gives way to spring, the cherry blossoms bloom in a riot of pink. They symbolize so much for the Japanese: new school year, new financial year, the ephemeral beauty and fragility of life. During the cherry blossom season, Japanese hold parties under the bright pink canopies of the trees; parties known as hanami (flower viewing). Families, lovers, work colleagues, all gather for music, food, sake, and laughter.

These photos were taken last spring during the Cherry Blossom Festival at Ōoka River that flows through the historic city of Yokohama. Our organization, Mizubeso, plans and operates cruises and waterside activities with SUP and boats on the Ōoka River.

On this bustling busy weekend, we wanted to do something new – create a never seen before perspective on the river.

The Red Paddle Ride XL SUP boards had just been imported to Japan for the first time. It was the first of the giant SUP boards in Japan. The surface area of the Red Paddle Ride XL is so big, flat, and stable, it can be used for a variety of different activities. Our idea was to bring a new twist to the Japanese hanami by holding a traditional Japanese tea ceremony or ochakai on top of the Ride XL. A tea ceremony involved drinking macha, (powdered green tea) and eating a traditional Japanese sweet. It is prepared and served in a very elaborate way, which can take years to learn.

With the host of the tea ceremony making the tea dressed in a kimono, and the paddlers also wearing traditional Japanese clothing and riding a giant SUP board, you can imagine that the scene caused quite a stir for the Japanese onlookers. The event even attracted the attention of a very popular weekly magazine “Shukan Shincho.”

Throughout the day, various people of all ages enjoyed the SUP ochakai on the river. Even with up to 6 adults riding the board no one complained of feeling uneasy or seasick! The SUP ochakai was a perfect blend old and new culture, that allowed people to see and enjoy the river and the cherry blossoms as they have never done before.

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