横浜大岡川初心者講習&SUPショートツアー Yokohama Canal SUP Tours for beginers


◎開催日|休日及び平日不定期 (開催予定日は最下段の「申し込み」ボタンを押すと表示されます)

◎スケジュール|午前の部   9:30集合、10:00出艇〜11:30着艇
          午後の部 13:00集合、13:30出艇〜15:00着艇、


◎集合場所|水辺荘 (黄金橋の近くの湧水前です)


    ※防寒対策として、ウェットスーツのレンタルもご利用いただけます(1,000円/ 若干数。子供用はありません)。



 ・その他、3名以上のグループで予約いただいているお客様へ。 体調不良の参加者がいる場合、無理に同伴させないでください。



◎Date|weekdays(irregularly hold) and holidays
     Please check the Event calendar bellow.

◎Timeline|10:00-11:30  (Gathering at 9:30)
       13:30-15:00  (Gathering at 13:00)

◎Gathering Spot|Mizube-so

◎Participation fee|AM¥4,000-/PM¥4,500- (without board rental service → ¥1,000-off)
 - Including charge for use of board and locker room, accident insurance and tax
 - Children :  limited to over 10 years old, who can swim and accompanying their parent

 * rental charge for wet suit ¥1,000-
 * Please pay the charge on the same day by cash.
    * If you need receipt, please ask us when you make reservation.

 *If you want to go medium range tour,please contact us for e-mail.

◎Please Prepare|
 ・Hat and something to drink to prevent heat attack in summer season.
 ・Cold weather gear. Rental service for wet suits is available.
 ・Rain gear
 ・Protection from ultraviolet rays
 ・Eye glasses band to prevent from dropping into the water
 ・Extra clothes in case of dropping into the water
 ・Plastic bottle holders and marine shoes are available for free.
 ・We do not recommend to wear jeans during the tour. Swimming wear or half pants and T-shirt is suitable.
 ・Locker room is available, but we do not have shower room.

 Besides, please check this Link

    ・Hangover or poor sleep will induce symptom of dehydration and heat attack. 
 ・If you cancel, please tell us before the tour day.
 ・Cancellation because of wild weather is possible. In that case we will notice by e-mail and facebook page.
 ・Please tell us if you don’t like to be taken pictures. Pictures will show on the facebook page.


【参加申し込みと開催日表示】 下記ボタンを押すとカレンダーが表示されます。
Click the button bellow, then move to Reservation form and Event calendar


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